A Show Of Love
     & Thanks

Boots on the ground sounds pretty cool – huh? Your son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, grandson, granddaughter, you or myself, a now 70year old disabled veteran’s feet were in, those boots.

There are plenty of Memorials to honor our fallen Heroes and shows to entertain the active troops but I want to put the name, show the face and let you hear the voice of the person wearing those boots; forgotten and for the most part, never even known, by the people that they fought for, their sacrifices remembered only by their stories told to each other at the local Veterans Organizations.   I want to thank them face to face where they live, at their V.F.W., American Legion, D.A.V., etc., for what they have gone through and continue to go through. I am not a writer but what I’m about to say comes directly from my heart.

I want America to see and hear who is responsible for it’s freedom and why you should never give it away.

Bob Hope had the right idea, his way of thanking the troops was to go to the front line of the battle fields in other countries and entertain them; unfortunately, not everyone was lucky enough to see the show and not all Soldiers were in combat, or in other countries, never-the-less, they sacrificed.  Today, so many years after my war is over, my battle field has moved to the hospitals and government offices where we now have to fight every day for help recovering from the consequences of those wars.  That’s why I developed A Show of Love & Thanks.

A Show of Love & Thanks, is a variety show, an all volunteer group of entertainers at this time consisting of; The New Geezers:  Rich Gramse, Bob McCarthy, Joe Riekert and special guests, from time to time.
Renowned, Comedian Perry Gardner and Magician Ben Zabin.
When I mentioned my idea to these wonderful people, without hesitation, they all said, “ Count me in”

You can say what you want about entertainers but we are all, very caring people and we were given a healing gift that we happily share for something that we believe in or will help someone and ask nothing in return. That goes for the guy in a garage band, someone that entertains their friends with card tricks or the biggest star on TV.

If it was not for OUR Veterans, no Americans would be able to do what we do, freely.

It’s so little to do for those that have done and continue to do so much for us. Just a reminder; most of the Veterans were and are still volunteers too but they volunteered for a heck of a lot more than what I’m asking.

The goal of A Show of Love & Thanks, is to get their minds off their problems and away from the bullshit for a couple of hours and to provide a special evening of Love and Thanks: dining,(when available), I wish I could hit the lotto so that I could supply the meal too, some communities can’t, some don’t want to, dancing and always, quality, professional entertainment for our Veterans and their Partners, who suffer in silence, all across Connecticut. It's a beautiful night; an elegant Dinner, the band plays music for dancing for an hour, then the show starts. The comedian does 1/2 hour to 45 minutes; the magician does the same; the band comes back for more dancing till the end then all present stand, hold hands, face the flag and sing God Bless the USA, I choke up every time, it is so moving. In the meantime, everyone will have the chance to meet and thank their Heroes, if they choose, Face to Face, and it’s all Free for our Veterans and their special guest. There are Veterans in every community, With Help, we can Do this in every community. Volunteers, bands, comedians, magicians, all types of entertainers and production help are always needed. This is in no way, nor will it ever be a fundraiser. That being said, Everything is provided by the Volunteers who love Their Veterans.                                                                                                                                                                                .

I am battling stage 4 cancer and have been given a little more time and I will spend it doing this. There is nothing more inspiring than surrounding yourself with such wonderful people filled with such positive love like Everyone involved in this show. I’m going to do this until I no longer can and with your help, we can take it from good to amazing. I pray that it will go on long after I’m gone, there will always be Veterans. I guess that is up to You.

We will bring the show to every Veteran organization in Connecticut and where we can, including the VA homes and hospitals.

You don’t have to limit your love to dinner and a show, you can make an all day affair of it and have the show as the grand finale, it’s your choice, You are the community and “A Show of Love and Thanks” exists to help you Thank your Veterans.
It’s quite an undertaking, never mind while fighting cancer, but the love in the hearts of the people that are involved, that surround me, assure me that A Show of Love & Thanks, cannot fail and that my time left is well spent and happy. We love our Veterans, nothing is too hard for them. If you are interested in volunteering your time and your expertise to make the show better, or you are an Experienced Entertainer and would like to perform, we need to hear from you, check out our website www.ashowofloveandthanks.org  for further info, to see your heroes and enjoy highlights from past shows. Email newgeezersrecording@outlook.com or call 203-583-6317 with your contact information. This show cannot exist without YOU, the Volunteers.
and YOU, the volunteers cannot exist without Your Veterans. THANK YOU for Your CARING.
Together, we can thank the defenders of our freedom in the special way that they deserve and maybe help bring America a little closer together in the process.      

Richard Gramse D.A.V.
    Most of Your Veterans were and still are, Also Volunteers but they volunteered for a lot more than I am asking, They volunteered to Die for You and They continue to give to Their/Your communities on a daily basis.
  2. A Show of Love & Thanks
    An Elegant dinner, provided by a thankful community, when available; Dancing, music by a live band; An interactive Magic show; Side splitting comedy, ALL sing God Bless the U.S.A. together..
    We want to help Your community thank Your Veterans from Your community for Your Freedom and what they continue to do. We provide the Show, Your community provides the food and the Volunteers to help set up, serve the food and clean up afterwords. Please volunteer!
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